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Summer Work

Please note that these lists are subject to change. We will make note of any changes.

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Summertime provides a wealth of fun, enriching, and easy-to-access learning opportunities for children…and adults.  Meaningful learning across many disciplines naturally transpires when children are engaging with friends, participating in a variety of physical activities, exploring in the woods or at the beach, writing and sending postcards from exciting vacation destinations or even their own backyard, making lemonade and selling it at their own lemonade stand, visiting and conversing with relatives (young and old), as well as simply enjoying “being in the moment”!  With the importance of students taking a well-deserved break to rejuvenate after a busy school year, provide opportunities for your child to play, play, play!

Be sure you and your child also get the most out of special summer experiences by consciously “being in the moment”.  Our school-wide commitment to mindfulness should not be overlooked during the summer months. Mindfulness practices are vital to getting the most out of the restorative benefits of a summer routine, especially if a busy one is expected! Keep in mind, these practices can be quiet, peaceful and reflective, as well as those requiring movement and more active participation and focus.  The physical and emotional benefits of mindfulness are good for the body and the brain! And, yes, this should be part of the summer home activities for grown-ups, as well!

In addition, Rocky Hill School strongly recommends that all students read independently, or be read to, on a daily basis throughout the summer months. Daily reading will help students hone important skills developed during the school year, use and acquire background knowledge, as well as let their imaginations soar!

If additional review is requested, games and apps for children, like the samples below, are available. Remember to keep it relaxed and enjoyable!


For Preschool-Grade 5, applicable textbooks (determined by beginning year assessments) will be ordered by RHS, if needed. The Business Office will invoice families for the cost of the books. Classroom teachers will notify families if any additional books are needed as the school year progresses.

For Preschool-Grade 3, classroom supplies will be ordered by RHS. The Business Office will invoice families for the cost of the supplies.

For Grades 4 and 5, except for a few specific items, the classroom teachers will distribute, via email by early July, a required classroom supplies list of items for students to select, and families to purchase, on their own.